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Risks and the Entrepreneur

The two most important factors in breaking down an opportunity are controlling for variables and controlling for time.

Unplanned Work and Resolving Conflicts

Unplanned work is not a roadblock to a good working relationship, but be mindful of you go about resolving these kinds of conflicts.

Who Really Owns That Config File?

Sharing ownership of an app’s codebase is easier than ownership of its configuration. The biggest impediment is failing to understand the dynamic between development teams …

Logging Remote IP in Rails

Wondering why your Rails logs are reporting the wrong Remote IP on your hosted cloud platform? This explains trusted proxies and how to configure Rails the right way.

On the Ephemera of 'Front End'

What is the shelf-life of your codebase, and what changes would you make if it was cheap to throw it all away?

Why Software Breaks

At the intersection of technology & people, who's at fault when things break?

Politics, Oh Politics

It’s more than a meeting...

Making organizations effective means being an active participant...

On Second Opinions

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

I once talked someone out of hiring me, and then talked them out of hiring anyone remotely like me...

Work to Play

Remember to bring your No.2 pencil

This was going to be post about the way work is indiscernible from play, but then I came across an article on ‘The Crisis of Purpose’ which brought to mind the very …

Hire Late

Learn through repetition, then repeat