Writers & Editors


In the summer of 2023, I made a conscious decision to leave this blog alone for a while. I journal every few days, and I intended to have a few entries here, but I also felt the site looked ugly and did not want to blog only to be pulled down by the weight of an uninspiring blog.

Now it has a new theme which doesn’t change a thing other than making me feel better about how my words will look.

Much has been written about why you should blog more and there is no shortage of tools to help you. I’m not going to go into these hows and whys, other than the salient point that writing about a thing will outlive your memory of that thing.

If you write well.

Being your own editor

I hate editing my own words. Okay, that’s not fully true. I love the results of cleaning up my thoughts, but I hate spending the time. And editing reminds me of how scattered my thoughts can be.

LLM as editor

In understanding and working with LLMs over the past year, I am more optimistic that they can help me be a better editor of my own work. It won’t be a sea change itself, but it just might be that one thing that helps me write more often.

That might make me a better writer and less likely to spurn editing.

Funny how that works.