Our Mastodon Future

Mastodon looks more and more like it has come out on top in our post-twitter. I’m there for it and hopeful for years to come.

Decrypting Rails Credentials with Go

EveryPost’s backend uses a Go API along with a Rails application. This post talks about how to decrypt and read Rails credentials from Go in order to simplify shared configuration.

New Note-Taking Tool

A fun diversion I started the past weekend was prompted by missing one of my favorite note-taking tools and asking the question, “What would it take to recreate the experience of Notational Velocity on the command line in Go?

On the Importance of Taking Short Notes

I miss one of my favorite note-taking tools. Before I talk about recreating the experience on the command line, some thoughts on note-taking tools overall.

How to Build Structured Logging in Rails

Building on lograge, let’s walk through how to generate structured logs for your other logging needs. I walk through the configuration and code to bridge the gap between your request logs and application logs.

Risks and the Entrepreneur

The two most important factors in breaking down an opportunity are controlling for variables and controlling for time.